Guy Broggi


Senior LNG Advisor, Gas & Power Division, , Total


Guy Broggi joined TOTAL in 1978 as an expert in geosciences for E&P activities after graduated from “Ecole des Mines” (Nancy, France). His first ten years at TOTAL were dedicated to exploration data treatment and economics modelling for E&P investments.

He was recently appointed Senior Advisor to the LNG Director in Paris Headquarters after having been in charge of the LNG Supply for the group (2006-2011).

Before that, he had held several commercial positions related to the development of TOTAL LNG business in Jakarta and Tokyo (1988-1995), Commercial Director for TOTAL E&P subsidiaries in Argentina (1998-2001) and the UK (2002-2006) where he helped create TOTAL LNG desk in London. He is a non-executive director of Total Gas and Power (UK).


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