NRG Expert

NrgEdge is the dedicated professional networking platform for the Energy, Oil & Gas industry.

NrgEdge was born as a response to the current Oil crisis, to enable the community to retain qualified and experienced members and enable current and new professionals to be engaged and maintain growth while awaiting market recovery, helping to bridge the ‘skills’ gap currently faced by the industry by creating a space for knowledge-sharing and upskilling with E Learning initiatives such as webinars, Virtual Reality-enabled courses and Q & A forums. Jobseekers are well-equipped to explore new opportunities in the NrgEdge Job Portal with the Career Passport, a professional resume designed to showcase capabilities and project achievements.

NrgEdge also helps companies build their awareness, elevate their corporate standing and streamline hiring processes through competencies-matching, allowing for a more efficient workflow where companies can easily filter and find skilled individuals that best match their requirements, and connect with current and potential employees.

From new graduates to experienced professionals and companies, NrgEdge provides a universal platform for current and potential members of the Energy, Oil & Gas industry to excel in their career. Learn more about NrgEdge, create your free personal account, Company Page, and try out our exciting new VR-learning modules!