The Essential Meeting Platform for Gas and LNG Stakeholders

EAGC will provide you with an exclusive opportunity to gain insight into the changing dynamics of the European gas market.

Why You Should Attend The European Autumn Gas Conference 

  • Gain market insight from the board rooms of Europe's energy powerhouses
  • Hear first-hand from policy makers in Brussels and from capital cities across the continent
  • Understand how gas and LNG market dynamics will move on a European & global level
  • Discover what Europe's biggest buyers see as the future for power generation - what will the energy mix be? How does gas fit into the picture vs alternatives?
  • Learn where the investment opportunities are in the energy and infrastructure space
    across Europe

“A wide ranging conference with powerfully spoken and persuasive speakers, experts in their fields. The conference provided an holistic take of the gas industry and provided a good 
environment to meet new and old industry colleagues. I benefitted from the opportunity to have a number of meetings in one setting"

Ed Gomersall,  Senior Partner, Poten & Partners

Networking Opportunities

Attended by senior executives from the world's largest companies, EAGC is the prefered year-end platform to network with with peers and customers, review and analyse trends, question policy and agree future strategy.

“....among the best events of the year, where we could enjoy an innovative and interesting program, the adequate speakers and well balanced combination of addresses and networking opportunities...”
Francisco de la Flor, Director of Regulation, Enagas

Here are the 5 new features and networking opportunities that really set this year's event apart.
1. An integrated conference and networking programme

Dynamic conference sessions place you at the centre of discussions with industry and government participants so you can discuss current challenges and develop future solutions for both your business and the industry.

2. Meetings service for every attendee

EAGC provides all attendees with a unique opportunity to participate in private one-to-one meetings where you can conduct business transactions in secluded surroundings. All meetings are prearranged by
the organiser.

3. Business matchmaking

Our VIP team, together with the latest matchmaking software, will ensure that you are seated next to the right people during roundtables, based on your company type and job specialism.

4. An expanded VIP audience

EAGC is the convening platform for government officials and key stake holders in the gas and LNG industry which provides unprecedented access to the people you want to meet to conduct business transactions.

5. Gain Insight, Not Information

With interactive networking, targeted sessions and the high profile speakers, EAGC gives you everything you need to inform your future business strategy, develop lasting relationships and create new, profitable business opportunities.

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